Lapis Thai serves local traditional Thai cuisine. Many of the main ingredients in Thai cuisine include fresh fruits and coconut. The variety of sauces and culinary techniques give our dishes the perfect sweet and sour balance. A specialty of Thai cuisine is its use of bright colors in the food. However, no artificial coloring or ingredi- ents are used, instead Lapis Thai uses the natural colors from the vegetables to bring this out. Most of the ingredients are from Southeast Asia, and is specifically imported from Thailand. We have brought a well-renowned chef from Thailand to share the taste and flavors of traditional Thai food.

Thai cuisine relies on the four primary tastes, "Sourness", "Spiciness", "Saltiness", and "Sweetness". Using these basic elements to achieve a perfect balance of flavor that’s famous worldwide. With our unique approach to Thai cuisine and our top-tier chefs we aim to elevate our interpretation of modern cuisine to an art form. We implore you all to come experience Lapis Thai for yourselves. We also provide a wide variety of drinks, from freshly squeezes juices to a large selection of cocktails.

We aim to combine luxury with world-class art with our interior design. The brains behind the design of our restaurant is the famous artist Sampun. whom also designed the Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok. With various handmade ornaments made by local artists in Thailand and an awareness of light and shadow, we strive to mesh all of these elements together into a singular unique restaurant experience. Along with our expertly crafted Thai dishes and a sense of travelling back in time, the atmosphere here at Lapis Thai is like no other.

Lapis Thai strives to be sexy, stylish, and luxurious. At the same time we promote a relaxed and comfortable environment while bringing the customers a unique fine-dining experience. Collaborating with High Note Records their music completes the entire experience that is Lapis Thai. From groovy, housy, downtempo, to live DJ sets, the fantastic music selection will make our restaurant the ultimate dining experience.